So it’s valentines day and you don’t have a date or know what to do?

Well, here are a few things you should indulge yourself with; either with a loved one/friends or alone.

1. Give yourself a treat.

This could either be visiting your fav. restaurant, a pamper session at a spa, etc. Bottom line is doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Fortunately, V-day fell on a Wednesday and over here in Port Harcourt it’s a market day (Oil Mill market) so I’ll probably spend my day thrift shopping.

2. If you’re in Port Harcourt, I advise you visit the pleasure park. There’s a lovely garden where you can take nice pictures. I also heard they now have VR (Virtual Reality) and a paint ball center which sounds fun to me. But if you’re in another city, you could go see a movie.

3. For the football fanatics, there’s a hot match tomorrow. It’s the UEFA champions league. These are the matches showing, incase you didn’t know.

Fc Porto vs Liverpool

Real Madrid vs Paris Saint Germain

*Both matches kicks off 9:45 pm (GMT)

4. If none of the above incites you, then I suggest you spend your day reading a book, the bible or talking to God. He is always there whenever we turn to Him and incase you didn’t know, tomorrow is Ash- Wednesday (for my Catholic brethren).

In all, do what makes you happy; Valentine’s day should not be restricted to just one day. You should always show love to one another, without neglecting yourself. Self love is the best gift you can give yourself.

How are you spending Valentine’s day? Are you #TeamRed or #TeamPink? Who’s sending me some gifts? I also love gifts!



10 thoughts on “VALENTINE ME-DAY

  1. I am #teamred and 2 sounds like something I’ll do when I want to take cute / fun pictures with the boo . Talking about Oil Mill market day, I have never been to any. Nice post


    1. I’m #TeamRed this year too. Maybe that’ll change next year, i dunno yet. As for oil mill market, there’s a lot of thrifted things there just that they steal too much there so I’m always extra careful whenever i go.


  2. I am team pink
    I will just give my self a nice treat.
    Almost felt bored.


    1. Aww nice treat, that sounds nice indeed. Please don’t het bored, come to my house 😁


  3. Team pink biko 😂. Ayee been hearing of this oil mill market, a need a partner in this thrift shopping business. You look beautiful.


  4. You’re so beautiful!


  5. No 4 almost make me choke on laughter😂, awesome read


  6. I wore peach today, had my favourite meal for lunch and went to work. It was cool, I had fun and now I am at home drinking spicy zobo. . Happy valentine day


    1. Good thing you had fun. Top priority. The thought of spicy zobo has me salivating already. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Valentine day 💕


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